A welcome from the Founder

I am excited to be able to welcome you to the website of the National Union of Student Business Societies. I would like to thank my fellow founders who have all been leading very successful and exciting societies. We are a national non-for-profit network founded by student business societies, for student business societies. The network aims to support and represent student run business societies to help promote careers in the business world to students. Initially we have been founded by societies from all 24 Russell Group Universities (an association of 20 British public research universities whose members receive approximately two-thirds of all university research grant and contract income in the United Kingdom.)The long term vision is that in five years there will be a thriving network of student led business societies or groups in EVERY University and College in the country, providing the essential information, advice and inspiration needed for young students who might consider going into business. At this moment in time in particular with the economic crisis, Ocuppy protests etc, more than ever I feel that we need to promote careers in the business world to young people and show them commercial careers in the right light.

I have been the President of the Oxford Guild Business Society, the largest and oldest student business society in Oxford and the UK and with the Guild I have always tried to involve other universities in opportunities and also tried to involve local secondary schools as a way of reaching out to the next generation of students. I really believe that a National Union of University Business Societies would make a huge difference and would help our members all to be the best business societies at each of our universities, whilst helping to promote careers in the business world to students. Currently there exist similar national networks for the entrepreneurship societies, for example, which aim to promote the growth of entrepreneurship However, at the moment there is nothing for business societies and I felt that should change.

The aim is that the National Union of Student Business Societies will offer society support including training, advice and shared best practice sessions, annual society one day bootcamps, a national mentorship scheme and link ups with secondary schools as part of an access scheme. We will also produce a termly magazine which will go out to all member universities and which is produced collaboratively by the member societies. We will organise an annual trip to New York for representatives from each society and plan to hold a National Conference, organised together by all our societies.

I very much hope that you find the National Union of Student Business Societies website to be helpful and interesting. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to get in touch. We would be delighted to meet you at one of our exciting events in the future.

Best Regards,

Abbas Kazmi

New College, Oxford